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Want to contact a domain holder protected by MyPrivacy.NET Whois Privacy?

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How it works

  • Create a free @myprivacy.ca address
  • Enter your real email address as the forwarding destination.
  • Go back to your registrar and enter your myprivacy.ca address in your domain whois records.

Now any email from CIRA (The Canadian Internet Registration Authority) and participating ICANN Registrars will be sent through to you unimpeded. All others must go through a simple "challenge/response" mechanism, while simple to respond to, it drastically reduces the chances of your address getting spammed by a spambot or whois harvester.

To see what the challenge looks like click here (the demo email is discarded, if you need to contact us use webmaster@myprivacy.ca)

Personal Whitelists

MyPrivacy now supports personal whitelists. You can add specific email addresses, domain names or hostnames to your account settings and this system will also pass communications from whitelisted email addresses or hostnames through to you without a challenge. This is handy for using myprivacy.ca addresses in whois records from third-party non-supported registrars and opens MyPrivacy.ca up to much more general usages.

MyPrivacy.ca is a free service.

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